The Tomb Of Khonsu discovered


The history of Egypt dates back to the time when no other history was recorded. In almost 200 years- history, many discoveries were made in Egypt and surrounding areas. Among them, a good number were of Ancient Tombs who were preserved even after hundreds of years. A few days back a team from Japan came to Egypt for some further research. They were able to discover a 3,000 years old Tomb; the Tomb Of Khonsu.

According to the Japanese team, this tomb was built for a man named Khonsu with the title of Royal Scribe. The tomb is not only significant for its ancient origin but also because it is all so beautifully constructed and well decorated. An interesting fact about the design is it’s constructed in the shape of an English alphabet ‘’T’’. It measures 14 feet from East to West and 15 feet from North to South.

The walls and ceilings of the tomb have well-preserved images. On the north wall, there is an image depicting an ancient solar boat of the god Ra-Atum who was being worshiped by 4 baboons right in front of him. Very next to it in the vertical form is mentioned about Khonsu and is referred as ‘’true renowned Scribe’’.

the Tomb Of Khonsu.

In the northern and eastern walls of the Tomb Of Khonsu, there are two more gods’ images named as Osiris and Isis.  In one of them Khonsu and his wife are worshiping them whereas, in the other one, there were broken parts of their bodies. On its Southern wall, there are many inscriptions stating it to be the belonging of Khonsu.

The team is still hopeful to find more interesting facts about the tomb since its one part is covered with stones and that is actually an entrance to an inner chamber.

The team leader, Waseda University Professor Jiro Kondu, says still there are many undiscovered tombs in this area. And that they are hopeful to uncover them soon.

With his reputation, one cannot simply ignore his predictions. After all, he is the same man who was able to discover the tombs of ‘’Khonsuemheb’’ and ‘’Userhat’’.

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