Tips To Start Your Own Blog [A-Z Guide for Success]


In this article, I’m going to share some tips to start your own blog and make money from it. Read this article till end and I’m sure you’ll be able to set up your own WordPress blog today.

In our daily routine, we spend many hours on the social media like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. And when we are done with all of them we still search the internet for different articles and news to get some information about the happenings in the world. These platforms which share news and information about almost every topic are known as blogs in the online world. Blogging has become the best way to share information and communicate your ideas to the world. It is not only a fantastic means of sharing knowledge but is also becoming a lifestyle friendly business. In addition to sharing your creative talent, you can really earn your living by working from home as a blogger. I’m sure after reading this you must be thinking of the idea to create your own blog and earn money from it.

How to create a personal blog?

Creating a personal blog was a hell out of a task in the early days of the internet. It demanded a lot of effort and research to set up your own little corner on the web. But in 2018 it is really as simple as 123 to start your own blog and get it running in few days to earn you a handsome amount of money. All you have to do is be more focused and follow a set of instruction to get started. Here are some of the basic steps needed to become a blogger.

  1. Think about your goal in blogging and write them down on a piece of paper. You should consider all the short and long term goals in your checklist
  2. Get your server space, domain name and unique theme for the blog from the best platforms in few dollars per month. If you are confused about these platforms, I’ll suggest Bluehost, HostGator, NameCheap and ipage for hosting and domain name and WordPress for blog themes and templates. To find out about these, read (link)
  3. Start sharing your ideas by writing helpful content that can attract readers on your blog. Build a strategy for writing and choose useful resources for the information you include in your articles

If you followed these steps correctly, you have successfully reserved a corner of the web for you. Now the next step is to get your blog earn you dollars. This requires a little more effort but you can skyrocket your blogging process through some tips and tricks which I’ll discuss here.

Quick tips to start your own blog

Just pay some attention to the key point mentioned below to get this blogging thing work for you.

1. Choosing a self-hosted WordPress blog

If you are thinking of the idea to get a free hosting, I’ll suggest dropping it immediately. Choosing a self-hosted WordPress blog is the best option to become a professional blogger. It gives you a full control and ownership of your blog. Here is a tutorial to guide you through the step-by-step process of setting up your own blog at WordPress through Bluehost.

tips to start your own blog

2. Find quality photos and images for your content

Manipulate the visual content to set yourself apart from others. Find quality photos and images for your content or if you have some knowledge about Photoshop, create your own professional images to make a strong impact of the content.

tips to start your own blog

3. Longer articles bring more readers than short little updates

Focus on producing an in-depth and detailed article on the topics you choose. Short little updates don’t attract as much traffic on the blog as the longer content does. Let the content be of such a value that will keep the readers indulged at your site for a longer time and will urge them to share it with friends.

4. Keyword Research, SEO and backlinks are the main points to focus while writing a blog post

Every time you write a new post, research about the keywords and backlinks that are being used most frequently. A little research can help you rank your content on the top most pages. Focus on the keywords, SEO and backlinks for every new post. Here’s a step-by-step SEO tutorial for you to get started.



5. Build a well-defined strategy

Blogging is not about haphazardly posting anything you have in your mind. Over the years, blogging has increased so much that now it needs more and more strategies to get ranked to the top. There are millions of blog posts online but google ranks only those who have a well-defined set of goals and strategies. The science of blogging involves a streamline blogging strategy with an aim to create a perfect blog post for the respective niche. To start a blog you have to spend few minutes writing down all the goals and strategies you have in your mind for the site you are creating.

6. Promote your blog to bring traffic

Once you are done with the writing part, now it’s time to promote your blog and get a huge traffic. Share your blog on all the social networking platforms. If you want to boost up the traffic, you have to spend some money on advertising. The competition has increased so much that most of the bloggers pay for advertising their blogs. So why not spend a little amount to get a huge profit.

tips to start your own blog

7. Make connections with other bloggers

One of the most important factors in getting a huge traffic is to have connections with other bloggers. Once you make an alliance with them and share their content on your social media platforms, they’ll appreciate it and this makes a strong alliance for a long term support you need in blogging. Also, brand yourself at Google+. Be a useful participant of Google search engine and promote your site by self-branding on Google+ and increase your popularity on the web.

8. Responsive blog design for all devices

Make your blog responsive on all screens and browsers to avoid losing traffic from the mobile devices and tablets. To start a blog,  you have to focus on the devices and browsers people are using these days. The blog design should be responsive enough to look and function perfectly on all device types and screen sizes.

tips to start your own blog

9. Grow your mailing list

Grow your mailing list to get a constant source of traffic. Focus on email subscribers on your blog as this has been a strategy of most of the big bloggers since last ten years.

tips to start your own blog

10. Keep an eye on the possible security threats

Online security threats are also increasing with a great speed. To start a blog you have to first keep in mind all the necessary steps to keep away from these threats. Keep an eye on the nasty intruders that can be a security threat to your blog. Keep a backup of your site both online and offline. For this purpose choose a good security plugin. Sucuri and bulletproof security are the most reliable plugins. Here are the Top 10 Must-Do Steps To Protect Your WordPress Website.

These were the few tips to start your own blog in 2018. If you are still scared of investing your time and money on the blogging business, you should check the free blogging platforms like Tumbler, Ghost, and medium for practice. These platforms can teach you a lot about basics of blogging without any investment. Still, there are many people who’ll think that blogging is interesting but demands a lot of effort in the beginning.  Content Research, social media accounts set up, etc. is a very time-consuming process. For these people, I’ll suggest buying well-established blogs from other bloggers to skip the initial efforts of blogging. The trend of buying blogs is becoming more popular.

I’m sure these tips to start a blog will be helpful for most of the people. I’d really like to have some more tips from other bloggers in the comments. Share your thoughts and experiences about blogging to help new bloggers start a blog this year. Those who will try to create their own blog after reading this article, please share your experience as well and feel free to ask any question if you need help.

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