It’s time for Microsoft to put Windows phone in the trash can


Microsoft is one of the biggest firms in the technology market. More precisely it is one one of the biggest firms on the planet.

The list of failure is long. Microsoft is struggling against competing with its mobile phone rivals. More than 25,000 of Nokia employees had already left the company.  Microsoft quarterly financial results show that windows phone are finally dead. Windows phone has less than 2 percent market share

All in all. windows phone are failed to paint a pretty picture. An analyst from IDC reported that windows phone hold 2.6% share of the total mobile phone market. Android phones hold a market share of 82% and 14% for IOS. A 2.6% market share with a wide range of devices is nothing but a disaster. Microsoft keeps on dancing around the windows phone devices.

The “app gap”, is hurting the windows phones badly. Many of the famous apps are not available on the Windows phone. In 2015, 2.4 million units of Lumia series were sold in comparison with Apple sold 75 million units in three months.

The question is: Can anyone revive the legacy of Microsoft Phones?

Microsoft has made extraordinary hardware, the current lineup of Lumia series are remarkably well made. However, the platform is not capturing the imagination of mobile phone users and developers are failed to develop an attractive interface. IOS is only available on the iPhone, in the UK the price of an iPhone starts from £350. Windows or windows 10 is available with a wide range of products. The cheapest phone Lumia 435 starts at £49.99 whereas the most expensive Lumia 950 starts at £469.99.

Microsoft is taking a two-pronged approach to increasing market share. One is by targeting Enterprise market where Microsoft and its partners are strong and WP can be easily integrated. The other is by making use of the Surface brand, which already has good reception with customers to release a disruptive phone.

The first approach will likely increase the number of people who will become familiar with Windows Phone and are more likely to buy a WP as their personal phone.The second approach depends on how good the oft-rumored surface phone

To compete within the mobile phone market Microsoft has to do the right things and put windows phone in the trash can. Moreover, they have to develop a platform, that has a chance of standing up against phones like Samsung galaxy. It doesn’t mean that windows phone is dead, or that Microsoft should kill it. Aside from the market share, the platform is still competitive. Lumia series still has some cool features like Live Tiles, that users generally love.




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