Teen accidentally helps discover lost 16th-century civilization in Kansas


Teenage is the most carefree phase of life. Teen-age youngsters are usually busy in studies, parties, friends, gossips and other childish stuff. But a teenager’s adventure sometimes can get you to the mysterious places of the globe. Yes! This happened when a teen accidentally discovered a lost civilization of 16th century in Kansas. He assisted the archaeologists in confirming the miraculous discovery. Adam Ziegler, a high school kid, who made the link that cinched the confirmation of Etzanoa.


The metropolis was unearthed in Arkansas City, at the confluence of the Walnut and Arkansas Rivers, in the south-central region of the state. This happened when a teen boy unexpectedly discovered a cannonball in the forest. This tipped off the experts that their long-held doubts about the existence of Etzanoa- the 2nd-largest Native American city were accurate, the Kansas City Star reported. Metropolis was once a hometown to 20,000 American Indians.


Etzanao-the long-lost city, means “The Great Settlement,”. It was the site of a war between Indian fighters and the Spanish explorers in 1601.

Donald Blakeslee archaeologist of Wichita State University, who announced the discovery said, “The Spaniards were amazed by the size of Etzanoa,”.He further said, “They counted 2,000 houses that could hold 10 people each. They said it would take two or three days to walk through it all,” adding that the part of land spans thousands of acres.


For many years, he and many other scientists chased for the mysterious city. They did so many things to link different clues to the records from Spanish explorers. For instance, they dug up pottery, flint tools, and knives — but failed to verify that it was Etzanoa.

Then last year, a teen boy, Adam Ziegler, from a nearby high school, unearthed the lost civilization by only a half-inch iron cannon ball — linking it to the battle of 1601, according to the archaeologist, Blakeslee.

During the battle, Spaniards fired cannons at the Indian warriors of Wichita Nation, who eventually run away from the city.

The officials of Kansas are now trying to attract the tourists by turning the lost city into a tourist’s place. The place features a still-functional water shrine on the edge of the Walnut and Arkansas rivers which local residents used to bless water.


One of the City Council members of Arkansas, Jay Warren stated, “We’re looking at creating something that could be great for the region, and for 50 years and more down the road and we think the site could also be a hands-on field training facility for archaeologists from all over the world.”

He further said, “We always knew we once had a whole bunch of Indians living around here. But we had no idea until Dr. Blakeslee came along about how big it was.”

So, this is how a teen led the world towards a mysterious lost civilization.  Soon this is going to be a tourist’s place for the people interested in archaeology.

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