Stupendous Archaeological Discoveries Of The 21st Century


Archaeology is, no doubt, a science that unleashes the long forgotten facts. Whether they are ancient Egyptian tombs or the cities of Mohenjo Daro, archaeologists never fail to take people by surprise. What makes all this much interesting is the fact that they are able to dig everything out in its well-preserved form.  But recently this subject has gained exceptional popularity because of the increasing number of stupendous archaeological discoveries.

Archaeological Discoveries of 21st Century:

In the 21st century many archaeological discoveries have left the people spellbound and the interest of people in archaeology is increasing day by day. Some of these are:

The Hermitage Finds:

In 2001, some researchers were able to find a grave without any skeleton at Hermitage. Though this is one of the oldest human burial in Ireland yet ‘’a non-skeleton grave’’ is what raised eyebrows among the researchers. When asked, people explained about cremation. Another surprising discovery with it was a unique weapon. The craftsmanship of the weapon is not something that is being used even 3000 years later. And it is considered as the ‘’oldest published ax’’ in Europe.

archaeological discoveries
The oldest published ax

The liquid Mercury Tunnel:

In Mexico, an ancient city was discovered which is pyramid-shaped. Its interior is breathtaking. It consists of a tunnel and was rapidly being excavated till recently when, at the end of the tunnel, a chamber was found. And too much astonishment, the chamber is filled with liquid mercury. Archeologists are trying their best to find an answer to what and how this can happen. But, they failed to owe to the fact that no written word was left of this nation.

Archaeological discoveries
The liquid mercury tunnel

An Archetype’s Tomb:

The Moche people in Peru left a one-of-its-kind cemetery where archeologists spent 18 years and were able to discover 7 tombs of priestesses. Recently, when they discovered another tomb expecting to find another female but what came out was indeed very surprising. Not only it was a male, but also the coffin was well decorated with gold and silver. Along with it, many bottles were found indicating the burial ritual of this specific man was both unique and glorious.

Archaeological discoveries
Unexpected Man in tomb of priestesses

Vikings’ Teeth:

In 2009, a grave was discovered in Dorset that consists of nearly 50 Vikings. Their body parts were all piled up in different ways. But what makes this discovery interesting is the teeth that were found in the grave. All teeth were engraved with horizontal lines in a much-planned way with precision pain. Researchers were unable to find the truth behind it.

Archaeological discoveries
Viking’s Teeth

Greeks’ Origin:

In 2015, a team was able to discover a tomb in Greece which was a complete tomb found ever in that country. The skeleton is of male gender but, with it around 1400 artifacts were found which were very astonishing for the archeologists. There were precious metals and stones and weapons and mirrors and combs and beads. Some believe there may be multiple burials considering the number and type of artifacts. This tomb dates back to 1500 BC and indicates many cultures even before the Greeks.

Archaeological discoveries
The tomb with 1400 artefacts

These are only a few of what amazing discoveries were made until recently.

And who knows how much is still to be unleashed!

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