Most Popular and Highly Paid Jobs in the World [ Updated 2017 ]


 Except for USA and Canada, every country in the world celebrates Labor’s day/Worker’s Day on 1st May. This is to honor the tiring efforts of the workforce in that country by giving them a day off and appreciating their efforts. This article is to analyze the ratio of the workforce in different sectors of different countries around the globe. By knowing about the most popular jobs in different countries, we come to know about the major workforce of that country.


It is interesting to know where the bulk of the American workforce exists, and which fields in America have the most employed workforce. The top three lies basically in the retail industry: salespeople, cashiers, and office clerks.

  • Retail salespersons # Employed: 4,155,190:
  • Cashiers # Employed: 3,354,170
  • Office clerks # Employed: 2,789,590

Other services that account for 25% of the total workforce of America are registered nurses, combined food preparation and service workers, waiters and waitresses, material movers, customer service representatives,  janitors, secretaries, stock clerks and order fillers, bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks, tractor-trailer truck drivers, general managers,  and elementary school teachers.



In the UK the most popular job according to a survey of 2015 is marketing management. Marketing managers can earn an average of £47,000 a year and are in high demand as the UK’s economic recovery picks up pace. The second most popular job is finance manager and third is the mechanical engineer. In the list of most popular jobs on the basis of average annual base salary, the number of job openings and career opportunities following are some of the highlighted ones.

  • Sales manager
  • Product Manager
  • Business analyst
  • Lawyer
  • IT manager
  • Software engineer
  • Civil Engineerjobs


GDP of Afghanistan is presently around 34 billion USD and the per capita is around 1,150 USD. Afghanistan has sizable mining capability. According to the government, Afghanistan possesses as a lot as 3 trillion USD well worth of demonstrated untapped mineral deposits. If that is accurate then Afghanistan has one of the maximum valuable mining areas on the globe. A US geological survey in 2006 has anticipated 36 trillion cubic ft of natural fuel in Afghanistan. Many Afghans depend on agriculture for their subsistence, but, this area is extraordinarily stricken. Just 12% of land in Afghanistan is arable and just 6% is actively cultivated. There are some possibilities in the trade sector, though. Trade with different countries currently stands at around five billion USD a year. Handmade rugs are one of the maximum famous export products from Afghanistan. Antique replicas are also popular, along with furs and leathers.



Service jobs are the most common jobs in Brazil. Many Brazilians also work in the manufacturing sector, from high-tech computers to food products. On the other hand, others grow crops and raise livestock. A rising industry in Brazil is engineering. The Brazilian Industry Confederation (CNI) estimates that the country requires hundreds of thousands of engineers, and the Brazilian have the seventh largest ranking on the globe in information technology, according to Lots of the engineering jobs are also in oil production.



The automobile has been considered as a very popular profession in Chinese society. Automotive Professionals have become hot cakes in the automotive industry. Besides, although China is popular for manufacturing, the service industry employs about the same number of people. 45% of the workers in China are employed in the services industry and the other 45% work in the manufacturing sector. The remaining 10% lies in the agricultural sector.



The major sectors in Germany are chemicals, engineering, and electronics. The popularity is based mainly on which are the most sought specializations employers look for, the number of applicants applying for the job and the healthiest industries in Germany. Some other major sectors include;

  • IT
  • Machinery
  • coal, vehicles, machine tools
  • food and beverages
  • Shipbuilding

Besides some of the areas with recent growth covers telecoms, high-tech manufactured products, automotive industry, banking, and tourism.



The largest number of workers in India exists in the agriculture sector. Agriculture and allied sectors like forestry, logging, and fishing account for a major part of GDP. In addition to this, management professionals, investment bankers, IT and software engineers, medical professionals, Oil and natural gas sector professionals, law and business professionals and modeling and acting are some other highly paid and popular jobs in India.



In Pakistan, reports show that Labor force by occupation is estimated to be Agriculture: 43.7%, Industry: 22.4% and Services: 33.9% in the fiscal year 2013. Most popular and highly paid jobs in Pakistan include Chartered accountant, IT professional, marketing and HR manager, electrical and mechanical engineer, creative designers, project manager and university lecturer.


Every country has different sectors where the majority of the workforce is earning a good amount for their living. In addition to these sectors, there are other countless sectors in every country where a person can start a career and earn millions. Earning a handsome amount in any job requires certain skills and experience. So, one should critically analyze his/her interests and skills before selecting a career for the future job. Those who have the skill and dedicate their time in polishing that skill can convert a stone into gold.

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