Make a customer, not a sale


Businesses start with aims of making a profit. Profits can be earned through customers. Healthy relationship with your customers is an integral part of making a business profitable. “Make a customer, not a sale.” This is the key to success for all businesses.

At any time, a customer who is unhappy and dissatisfied can share their views with the others through different means like social media, web etc and affect your business in an undesired way. This is the reason that it is much more important to create a healthy relationship with your customer to make them fall in love with your product and services.Creating a satisfied customer will help you bring positive word of mouth which is definitely priceless. Businesses who fail to do so lead towards their end.


Following are the ways to win the hearts of customers and increase sales.

1. Genuine interaction through caring attitude

When customer complaints about any of the product and services etc and his issue have been resolved quickly with a caring attitude, he or she is going to tell it to other people as well. This helps business in creating a positive word of mouth.Genuinely talk with your customers. Besides addressing your customers by their names, and tell them your name too at the start of your interaction.

Talk to your customers in a way you would in person, not like you would in a press release. American Express does this in a very good way on Twitter, ensuring that all customer concerns are responded on time with a friendly response, signature by the employee who’s doing the tweeting.

2. Keep patience while dealing with customers

Rude behavior with the customer will bring negative word of mouth which will negatively affect the company’s reputation for a long period of time.

It’s therefore, very necessary to be patient and respectful of a customer’s emotions and mood when trying to settle any problem they are facing with your company.Here the key to success is your patience. The more customer feels easy in telling you the issue, the more valuable feedback you’ll get that can assist to prevent similar issues from reoccurring in the future.

3. Try to get valuable feedback

Using the methods given below, get feedback from your customers:

  • Communities
  • Groups
  • Surveys
  • Customer Service
  • Focus Groups
  • Social Media
  • Observation
  • Email and Web Forms
  • Point of Sale

4. Build Trust – tell them about Changes, Good or Bad

Trust between a business and its customers is very sensitive. Always alert your customers about the changes in your products and services that could affect them; these changes could be either positive or negatives.

  • Be methodical in telling about the changes to your product and services.
  • alert your customers after making a change, you screwed up, or you did something right for the improvement. It will help you in giving a transparent look of your company to the customers.
  • gather feedback about changes.

5. Do what you promised

Your words develop a bond. If you will fulfill your promises, it will help to build a transparent relationship and a feeling of trust with your audience.

6.“Thank You” – courtesy

Last, but certainly not least, an old-fashioned “Thank you.” means a lot. Kind and polite behavior with some words of gratitude will help you bringing your customer closer.


The above mentioned points are not very difficult to follow but they will surely make your customers love your business. So let your sales increase by not only promoting your brand but also attracting customers through love and make strong everlasting bonds with them.

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