Facts about GBU-43/B-Mother of all the bombs


Recently American’s aircraft MC-130E Combat Talon 1  has dropped a GBU-43/B massive ordinance air blast, nicknamed “mother of all the bombs” on a hideouts complex also called Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the  Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. It reportedly killed  94 ISIS militants. MOAB is largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat. Russia has designed new bomb which is 4-time larger then MOAB nicknamed ‘father of all the bombs ‘ but not yet used. Now the questions that arise in every person’s mind is that what type of this(MOAB) weapon is?. Why has America used this weapon on Afghanistan soil not in other parts of the world?. The answer is that this attack was rather a psychological experiment on the use of this deadly tool.


Design and structure of GBU-43/B

Albert L. Weimorts designed GBU-43/B (nicknamed ‘mother of all the bombs’) in  American air force research laboratory in 2003. Its weight is roughly 10,000 kg (21,000 pounds) 46 million joules. GBU-43/B is almost 10 meters (30 foot) long GPS-guided ammunition. Alabama-based aeronautic company dynamics developed GBU-43/B reportedly at $16 million cost. But it is used first time on 13 April 2017 in Afghanistan where it reportedly killed 94 ISIS militants with unknown civilian casualties . Its predecessor was unguided   BLU-82 1500 pound Daisy Cutter-Bomb.   T12 44,000 lb. demolition bomb developed after world war II was larger in term of raw explosive materials weight but was never used in combat. GBU-43/B blast is equivalent to  11 tons TNT  by comparison, the nuclear weapon dropped on Hiroshima had a blast yield of 15 ton TNT.


Physics behind this terrible device

The terrifying physics behind this weapon makes it very different from other conventional bombs. GBU-43/B is thermobaric weapon. It uses the atmosphere oxygen to generate intense, high-temperature blast wave that packs an incredible amount of energy in the small localized area and vaporizes everything within that area. In comparison, most conventional bombs consist of a mix of fuel and oxygen-generating substances and not extensively consist of fuel and explosive materials.

Thermobaric weapons consist of almost entirely 100% fuel and rely on atmospheric oxygen. GBU-43/B explodes at some defined altitude, about six feet from the ground. It can leave 300-meter wide crater but leaves no lasting radiations because it is a non-nuclear bomb. But other conventional bombs penetrate in the grounds. It has “proximity fuse” on the nose that ignites the warhead when reaches to a certain altitude above the ground level. As the fuse blows, it blasts fuel into the air, which then atomizes. It then follows a secondary explosion which is much vigorous. It lights the fuel that has been atomized.


How was it delivered?

Due to its massive weight, GBU-43/B is impossible for conventional bombers to deliver it. For its deliverance special type of aircraft MC-130E Combat Talon 1 was used which pulled it up with the help of a massive parachute. It was guided by GPS through satellite to its target.

Psychological purpose

This device was first made with the intention to put a psychological pressure on enemies. The way the US has chosen to deploy the bomb and publicized its use; it is clearly being used more as a psychological tool. Actually, this device was used specifically in Afghanistan for the first time, not another area like Syria, Iraq etc. It is because the area which they targeted was remote and there was a little chance of civilian casualties. But if they use the same weapon in much-populated area there would be irreparable damage to humanityGBU-43/B

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  1. The MOAB was developed in only nine weeks in 2003 to be available for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said it was created to put pressure on Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to stop fighting against the coalition. The smart bomb was never used during that war.


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