Facebook will die out…


From the last couple of years, facebook has spread like an infectious disease, but we are slowly immune to its attraction.  Like bubonic plague, Facebook will die out in 2020 because the platform will be abandoned by most of the users. The forecast of Facebook die out was made by comparing the growth curve of addicted users of Facebook and other social networks.

As a major web company, Facebook will lose its dominance in less than a decade says Eric Jackson, the founder of Ironfire capital on CNBC. Eric says Facebook is going to disappear in next five to ten years like the way yahoo disappeared. Yahoo is till profitable, still have 12,000 employees, but it is 10% of the value that it was a height of 2000.

Facebook has survived more than its rivals like Bebo and Myspace. However, according to Princeton forecast, Facebook will lose more than 80% of its addicted users in 2020. Google reported that in 2012, facebook search was at its peak as the users were searching Facebook through google search bar, and then it started to trail off. David Ebersman, the Facebook chief financial officer admitted that their earnings are consistently hurting from the last three months. He says “We did see a decrease in daily users, specifically among younger teens.”

In October 2014, Facebook officials reported that they have 1.3 billion monthly active users. However, most of the users are now visiting their sites with mobile phones. Their desktop traffic is frequently falling. Each month more than 880 million users are using facebook with their smartphone. Facebook acknowledged that increasing number of mobile phone users affects their financial results and revenue.

There have been three generations of web companies.  The first generation includes web companies like Hotmail and yahoo with big web portals.  The second generation includes the social websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The third generation includes the mobile phone platforms, something facebook will continue to struggle.

The world is going faster and it is getting more and more competitive day by day. Social network sites who are dominant in their previous generations are really going to have a tough time in future. Facebook death time is about to come.


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