Common Incredible Superstitions [Updated 2017]


Relating an object or an action to an event due to an irrational belief is a superstition. A superstition is basically an unknown belief on the unseen things.It may happen when you start thinking that something may bring good or bad luck to you. And then if even something happens accidently to you according to your feeling then you develop a belief on it. Here are some of the most common superstitions that are silly but interesting to know

1 .  Black cat crossing your path

The most common superstition is that a black cat crossing your path will bring a bad luck. Something bad is going to happen soon.

According to Irish superstition, a black cat crossing one’s path symbolizes death in an epidemic. Pirates of the 19th century believed that a black cat moving towards you will bring bad luck. In America and Europe, black cats are associated with witches and hence the superstitious belief that a black cat crossing your way brings bad luck. These superstitions are exaggerated to the belief that a black cat is a symbol of a demon in disguise trying to hinder a person’s path to heaven.

As a companion, most of the people like to have a cat.Millions of people keep the cat as a pet in their homes so why consider it as a bad luck …..?

2. Superstitions about the mirror


There are a lot of superstitions associated with a mirror. The most common on is related to a broken mirror. According to the superstition be careful with the mirror because if it breaks then it brings a bad luck of seven years for you. Another belief is that mirror not only reflects your image but it holds your soul. So if the mirror breaks, it means the person will also die. Showing mirror to a baby before it is one year old is also prohibited as it is believed to cause the death of that child.

Mirrors became handy for all these superstitions because they are believed to possess supernatural powers to show the reflection of the truth.

3. Superstitious beliefs about the crow


Crows are associated with many superstitions from a long time. Even the number of crows seen is also very important in these superstitions. Seeing one crow symbolizes sorrow, two crows are a myth, three crows mean a wedding and four crows seen symbolize a birth. A crow flying towards the sun is believed to bring a fine weather all that day. On the other hand, the crow seen near a river at night will bring a storm. According to another superstition when a crow craws on your roof then it is believed that guests will come to your home that day.

4. Blow away an eyelash to make a wish


If you lose your eyelash it is suggested to make a wish by blowing it away.It is believed that GOD will listen more to your prayer if you pray like this.

What a joke!!!

GOD is present all around us.He is listening to us. He knows everything, even a word which we don’t speak, so how can we think that our eyelashes will take our messages to GOD?

5. Superstitions about the broom


It is a superstitious belief that sweeping with a broom on the New Year day will remove all the bad luck or bad evil spirits from the house and will bring a good luck. On the other hand, Chinese believe that sweeping on the New Year with a broom will sweep away all the good luck from the house. Another belief is that if you sweep with a broom immediately after a guest has left, that guest will never come back to your house.

6. Itchy palms and the superstitious beliefs


One of the most common superstitious beliefs globally is about the itchy palms. Itching a palm is associated with gain or loss of money. if your left palm itches then you lose some of your money and if your right palm itches then you will get money. Both palms Itching together brings a good luck.

In addition to these, there are innumerable superstitions in different regions and culture of the world. Even the most advanced cultures of Europe and America also have many superstitions. The seeds of these superstitions are sown in early childhood or are manifested due to unlucky events that happen in life. No object or event can bring a good or bad luck in life but it can disturb the psychological balance of a person. A strong superstition belief leads to fear, depression, and anxiety. On the other hand, according to a new research stress makes people more superstitious.

Despite all the scientific and technological advances, many of us are slaves to different superstitious beliefs in one way or the other. I can bet all of us have thought at least once about any one of the superstitions mentioned above.


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