Adele Broke Her Grammy!


The history of Grammy dates back to May 4TH, 1959 when the first award ceremony was conducted to honor the music accomplishments of many talented artists. The number of awards given each other fluctuated so did the categories. But it remained as one of the most popular events broadcast every year. The awards are designed in the form of a gramophone which is also gold plated.

The 59th Grammy Award Ceremony was held on February 12th, 2017 in Los Angeles. A long list of nominations was made by December 2016. From general to pop to rock to jazz to contemporary to rap to theater music to comedy, nearly every ground of music was well covered. The evening was going smooth until Adele was awarded 3 awards in a row:

  • The Album of Year
  • The Record of Year
  • The Song of Year

But when she came on to the stage to take the award she nearly refused to accept it. Adele claimed that her album “25” was nothing compared to Beyoncé’s new album ‘’Lemonade’’. While talking to the reporters she also said that a part of her was broken inside because Beyoncé deserved it more. During her speech on stage, she repeatedly paid tribute to the legendary singer Beyoncé.

And then the very surprising moment came which the history of Grammy never witnessed before and Adele broke her Grammy into the half. She didn’t get the chance to say why but all her fans pretty much assumed the right reason. They knew it was to share the award with her mentor. Though the action took the audience with surprise especially Beyoncé herself. Yet they did appreciate Adele’s thoughts and views she shared about her inspiration.


This was not the first time the two stood for each other. The first time Adele was able to meet Beyoncé, she states she was very nervous and anxious. And when Beyoncé came face to face with her, all she did was praise her about her voice and how talented she is.

Beyoncé, once during her interview, exclaimed that Adele was indeed a gracious woman and her comebacks are legendary.

But Adele’s comment saying Beyoncé is ‘’Michael Jackson’’ to her clearly removes every misunderstanding that a person can have about the two.

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