Abandon Earth or Face Extinction: Stephen Hawking Warns Human Race


A new warning from professor Stephen Hawking to flee mother Earth within 100 years if Human Race wants to avoid extinction. Seventy-five years old Stephen hawking is a renowned scientist, former Lucian professor of mathematics. Currently he is Director of Research at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics in the Dennis Stanton Avery and Sally Tsui Wong-Avery  . He has also founded the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at Cambridge. Moreover he’s the author of world’s best seller book  “ Short history of time “. He has also proposed a very famous theory about the black hole.

Stephen Hawking

In November 2016 he warned that human beings are left with only 1000 years to live on this fragile Earth. But in a new documentary “Expesition to New Earth “, he has reviewed his prediction and lessened it to 100 years. His theory gives harbinger of a bad time to come on motherland due to over population, expansion of sun and excessive use of nuclear weapons. So we should search a new home in space, another planet or anywhere in the universe to live safely.

Stephen Hawking’s view on space travel he says; “I believe that life on Earth is at the ever-increasing risk of being wiped out by a disaster like sudden nuclear war, asteroid strike, overpopulation, expansion of sun, artificial intelligence, epidemics and climate changes “. Due to these catastrophes, this world becomes less suitable for life. He warns that new generation must forge a new existence in space to survive. He says that we have technology to destroy this planet but don’t have the capability to escape it for survival. Perhaps in few hundred years, we will have the technology to establish new colonies amid stars but right now our focus should be the protection of the only planet we are living on.

The human race shouldn’t have all its eggs in one basket, or on one planet,” the renowned astrophysicist told the Big Think. He added; “Our only chance of long-term survival is not to remain inward-looking on planet Earth, but to spread out into space“.

Why does Stephen Hawking say so?

Stephen Hawking

Hawking’s concerns include sudden nuclear war. According to Federation of American Scientists “Nuclear Club” have a stockpile of 22,600 nuclear weapons out of these 7,700 are still operational which are enough to destroy this planet. Stephen Hawking said; “The frequency of such occasion is likely to increase in near future “ and “ we shall negotiate them all successfully and carefully

Even if we manage to avoid nuclear war disaster, according to the scientist, the slow expansion of sun will lead to rising Earth’s temperature and oceans will evaporate. The atmosphere will be laden with vapors which will be as effective as greenhouse gas like carbon dioxide. Finally, the water of oceans will boil and vaporize into the atmosphere .An astrophysicist at University of Sussex Dr. Robert Smith says; “Finally, the aging Sun will accelerate global warming to a point where all of Earth’s water will simply evaporate and life without water is not possible“.

Over population is another serious concern, despite many wars and holocaust nothing impeded the growing population. According to some experts, due to overpopulation, natural resources will deplete in near future. The overuse of coal and other piousness gasses will degrade the environment and gradually will destroy the ozone layer. This will make us vulnerable to cosmic rays of the sun.

Is this idea practical???

The distance of the nearest star to our solar system is about 4.6 light years. It means that if we travel at the speed of light all the time we will get there in 4.6 years. While through latest technology using chemical fuels which were used in apolo, we can move with speed ten thousandth part of light speed. Anyhow if we manage to travel with this speed we will reach the nearest star in 50,000 years. For humans to live long enough to survive the journey to even nearest star, it require a science-fiction-like warp drive or cryogenic freezing technology.

Even though some scientists and billionaires are thinking and planning to make colonies on Mars but how will we manage life there. Without carnal needs, water, and other basic necessities life on another planet will be very impossible.  As man is a social animal so it would be impossible for any individual to live in isolation in the space. This is because neither all people of the world have the ability to go nor it’s possible no matter how much time you give. Despite the fact, Stephen hawking advises that we should not keep all eggs in one basket. In the case of any disaster we should have spread out into space and other stars, so the disaster on the Earth would not mean the end of human race.

Concluding this article I would like to say that Stephen’s idea to flee earth is not as fantastical as it sounds because according to him we are near to attain this technology in future. On the other side, in realistic instead of optimistic way, we are far away from this fact to make another home in nearest stars in space.


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